About Bret Dixon Insurance


Our Mission Statement


Bret Dixon Insurance is an insurance agency administering to commercial, personal, health and life clients. We have a longtime specialty in the hospitality industry. Our efforts are directed toward providing the proper insurance programs to our clients through the coordinated efforts of our staff and the many insurance companies we represent.


We are dedicated to affording competitive pricing without sacrificing or compromising the true needs of our customers.


We pride ourselves in the manner in which all of our people strive to give services at all levels - our "Customer Creed." The proof of our efforts can easily be measured by our increasing share of the market (our ability to grow with our customers needs) and retention - both of which are essential to Bret Dixon Insurance's growth and continued success.


We exist for our customers. We service our customers' needs in a timely and effective manner and project a constant willingness to accommodate them, recognizing the value of their satisfaction.


Our History


Maverick Insurance Services, Inc. was incorporated in 1994 and began concentrating on taverns and restaurants in Illinois. The agency grew gradually until the late '90's when it adopted the name Bret Dixon Insurance and expanded to include other classes of business in the hospitality industry. By acquiring several smaller agencies throughout the state and turning them into regional sales centers, the agency's business began to snowball around the turn of the new millennia.


Midway through the year 2000 Bret Dixon Insurance again expanded its operation, this time to include Missouri, and in late 2004 began doing business in Indiana and Iowa as well. In 2006, we developed programs for other niches of businesses, focusing particularly on automotive and contracting industries, and began offering personal lines, health and life coverage as well.


Currently the Agency handles the insurance needs of roughly 1500 total businesses and has become the premier writer of restaurants and taverns in the Midwest. In addition to our insurance operations, Maverick Insurance Services, Inc. has one other division, Maverick Premium Finance.


Trusted Choice


Midway through 2011, BDI added the distinction of being a Trusted Choice Agency. There are several requirements of agencies to become a Trusted Choice, a few of which include: a choice of insurance companies, customization of policies, and advocacy during the claims process. We've been doing that for years, so this move was a no-brainer.


Read our Pledge of Performance here.