Benefits of Choosing BDI

Why choose Bret Dixon Insurance to handle your business insurance?

Excellent markets

Specialized insurance companies, dealing only in your industry.

Full lines of products - property, liability, dram shop, work comp, umbrellas and more, with opportunity for discounts by bundling or packaging coverage together.

Tailor-made packages to suit your unique business needs - no one-size-fits-all solutions. Your busineess may have unique quirks and exposures, make sure they are covered


Multiple Locations - we come to you to evaluate your particular needs.  We want to see your establishment and it's characteristics to design a protection plan that suits you.


Ease of Doing Business - One toll-free number to contact us - no calling around to different branches or departments.  Service Center to handle all your needs in one location for quicker processing.  Emergency after-hours hotline


Specialty Programs & Initiatives


Custom Payment Plans - tailor-made to better fit your budget.  Flat installment charges instead of high-interest finance charges.  EFT or ACH payment plans available for automatic payments, no missing a due date and incurring a late fee or cancellation.  Cash, Check, Credit or Debit cards usually accepted.


Loss Control Measures - Contractor & vendor lists - why scramble through the yellow pages when you need service?  Check our website for contractors near you and their contact info.  We work hand in hand with your contractors to get the documentation your insurance company needs so you don't have to. Go back to running your business rather than playing secretary


Specialized Claims Handling - Expedient handling of claims and documentation - we don't just report your claim to your company, we follow-up with them to make sure you're contacted by an adjuster in a prompt, timely manner.  We also provide you with step-by-step instructions as soon as you call in to report your claim.


Our Website - easy to submit an Incident Report or request a certificate of insurance online, whenever you want.  Find valuable information about insurance coverage and what's going on in your industry, and links to a variety of other sources of information about your industry


Management Guides - provide you with samples of written procedures and policies for your establishment for different situations that may arise in your business. Give your staff a written procedure on how to handle all types of sticky situations.


Seller/Server Alcohol Training - we are a BASSET-licensed training provider in Illinois and have put together our R.A.M.P. program (Responsible Alcohol Management Practices).  RAMP up your employees education by having them trained.  It's the law now!  Discounted training cost, free in some instances.


Online Liquor License Renewals - Illinois has raised the cost of their liquor licenses (as of 3Q 2016), but if you renew online you can save $150 per renewal vs. the cost of renewing by mail or in the state office.  We can assist you in filing your annual liquor license renewal online thru the MyTax.Illinois.Gov website.


Corporate Verification Serivce - each year we verify that your corporation, if you have one, is still in good standing with your Secretary of State. The named insured on your policies should match the person or entity who has an insurable interest in your establishment. So if you forget to renew your corporate filing, or have changed your corporate name, we make sure you're properly insured by double-checking with the state.


Renew Your Corporation or LLC Online - the state of Illinois is mailing less and less each year.  Perhaps your license plates or drivers license lapsed because you weren't notified, or you received their one notice, set it aside and it slipped your mind.  The same thing is going on with renewals of corporations and LLCs and, as noted above, there can be dire consequences when, at the time of a claim, the named insured on your policy is no longer a recognized legal entity. We check your corp or LL at least once a year and we can help you file your renewal online for this as well.


Quarterly Newsletters - providing you valuable information about types of insurance coverage, legislation changes impacting your industry, and additional services we provide. Each issue we discuss a different type of coverage or a type of loss and explore the topic in more detail, looking at how it could affect businesses like yours.  Published quarterly and past issues are archived on our Newsletters page.


BDI Moneybags - certain types of businesses we insure have more of a propensity for handling cash - like restaurants or bars. If you're in this field, you have the top item on any criminal's wish list: cold, hard cash.  This program provides our clients a money bag stuffed with the Do's and Don'ts of Handling Cash.  It's meant to encourage regular, daily deposits and help you reduce your liklihood of becoming a victim of theft.


State Certificate Mailings - for our liquor-licensed clients in Illinois, you are required to show proof of dram shop insurance when renewing your state license each year.  Instead of inadvertently submitting your renewal without a certificate (causing a delay in renewal) or scrambling to get one from us at the last minute, we have instituted a program to minimize these problems.  Your license date is logged in our database and we'll mail you a current certificate approximately 30-45 days before your state license renewal.


Replacement Cost Estimates - when it comes to property coverage for your building(s), take the guesswork out of figuring your structure's replacement cost.  We'll provide an estimate from Marshall & Swift/Boeckh, an industry leader in replacement cost calculations, estimating the cost of rebuilding your structure.



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