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Helpful information for your business.

Certificates of Insurance  
  What are they and how are they used?
  Step-by-step instructions for managing the claims process.
  Download our BDI Claims Guide, with procedures and forms for many commercial claims
  Business Income Loss Calculator:
       1 month worksheet (for short losses such as a matter of days)
       3 month worksheet (for closures lasting over several weeks or months)
  Need to expand your business operations or replace some old equipment, but don'thave the budget for new merchandise?  Are you getting rid of appliances or machinery but don't want to just pitch it?  Search and advertise here for free.
  Tips and instructions for handling your corporation - starting up, staying current and handling status problems that may arise.
Food Handlers Illinois Food Handlers - Frequently Asked Questions [from IL Dept of Public Health]
Frequently Asked Questions  
  Answers to some Frequently Asked Questions
Incident Reports  
  Why you should use an Incident Report log.
  Download a copy of an Incident Report
  File an online Incident Report
  What you need to do to be ready for a variety of inspections.
  Helpful links to state agencies, 3rd party vendors, service providers, industry associations and publications and more.
Liquor Training  
  Information about R.A.M.P. (Responsible Alcohol Management Practices), our liquor training program that's BASSET-approved in Illinois.
  Details of Illinois' New "Happy Hour" Law
Loss Control  
  What is loss control and why does it matter?
  Find a contractor near you:  Illinois  |  Indiana  |  Missouri
Management Guides  
  Policies and procedures to train employees to handle certain situations that may arise in your establishment.
  View past issues of our newsletters.
Special Events  
  Do you need additional coverage?