A certificate is a document used to show a third-party that you have insurance.  There are certificates of liability and certificates of property forms.  If you have a mortgagee or a loss payee on your property, they'll likely request proof of coverage at some point.  This can be a copy of your policies, declarations pages, a certificate or another document called Evidence of Property insurance.


Liquor Control commissions, as well as some cities, counties or municipalities, usually require a certificate showing current liquor liability coverage when you're trying to secure or renew a liquor license policy.  For contractors, many property owners will require a certificate of liability showing that you have the necessary coverages they require before allowing you to begin a job.


If you need to request a certificate of insurance, please contact us with the name, address and other contact info of the certificate holder.  We will fax or email you your certificate the same day if received before 3 pm.  If your certificate holder needs any special wording on the certificate, please have that information ready.  You can also email or fax us a sample at mail@bretdixonins.com or 1-888-349-0035.