Incident Reports

Make notes about any "unusual" events in your establishment

What They Are

An incident report is nothing more than some notes about any unusual occurrences that may happen in your establishment. If you had to remove or eject someone from the premises, if someone slipped and fell (even if they said they're fine), or anytime you have to call the police. Besides jotting down some notes about what happened, other helpful information might include any employees on duty, any witnesses and their phone numbers, or how much the persons involved were served. If you have a camera system, be sure to make a copy of the video from any particular incident, so that it doesn't get deleted or overwritten by the time a suit may be filed.

Why You Should Keep Them

These seemingly innocuous occurrences might not seem like a big deal at the time, but if you wind up getting sued several months later this information could prove invaluable to defending you. Unfortunately, there are those who attempt to abuse the legal system and collect some easy money. When your insurance company begins investigating the claim weeks or months later, how detailed of a description will you be able to give the adjuster from memory? Probably not a very good one, so your defense comes down to your word against someone else's, more or less giving you a 50/50 chance at defending yourself. But if you take five minutes to keep a few notes on each out of the ordinary event, you'll be able to provide a much better picture for the investigator than the person who's accusing you of negligence.

How We Can Help

You have a busy enough day running your establishment; you can't spend an hour a day documenting every time some knucklehead got a little tipsy and decided to act brave. And between register receipts, checks and cash, and reordering inventory, you have enough paperwork to keep track of. So submit your incident reports to us electronically and we'll save them for you just in case a claim should ever arise. Submitting an incident report is not the same as turning in a claim, it won't affect your premiums in future years. It is just putting us on notice that a claim could potentially be forthcoming.

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