Management Guides

Providing an outline of policies & practices for your establishment to adopt

With our agency, we don't forget about you after the time of sale. Throughut the duration of your coveage we make sure to keep you notified of any changes that may affect your insurance. We want to write your business not only now, but for years to come as well, so we try to put in extra effort to help educate you about making your business a safer environment and better insurance risk.


One thing we have developed to help you stay apprised of what insurance companies look for during an inspection is our Management Guide.  This document gives you tips on how to reduce the chances of an accident happening in your place of business. Many of the things in our Management Guide may seem like common sense to you, but if you're new to the industry or have employees who may not understand how your business works, this can be a useful educational tool. 


Here are some of the things covered in our Management Guide:


-keeping track of abnormal occurrences in your place of business by using Incident Reports, in case they later result in a claims against you

-what to do if a fight breaks out

-using reasonable force or restraint to remove unruly patrons

-tips for floor managers and I.D. Checkers

-age identification tips and practices

-how to handle an intoxicated patron

-employee conduct on the job

-encouraging designated drivers

-providing transportation for intoxicated patrons

-workplace safety

-housekeeping and maintenance

-drafting emergency evacuation procedures


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