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Issue Posted Topics Explored
  8/29/18 Beware: Burglars Bolder Than Ever
  11/17/17 Preserving Evidence for Potential Claims - Don't Let Good Evidence Go Bad
  8/3/17 Illinois' Mandatory Human Trafficking Posters
  9/2/16 Illinois Liquor License Fee Increase in 2017
  7/22/15 Culinary & Hospitality Modernization Act Enacted ("Happy Hour Law")
  6/1/15 Mandatory Liquor Training in Illinois, Happy Hour returns
  1/23/15 2015 Illinois Dram Shop Limits Set
  10/31/14 Halloween Makes for Good Cover for Minors in Your Bar
  9/19/14 Significant Proposed Changes to Smoke Free Illinois Act
  8/28/14 Increased Scrutiny During Liquor Inspections (IL)
  7/2/14 Does Discounting Help or Hurt Your Restaurant?
  5/22/14 Taking Your Loyalty Program Digital
  3/7/14 Proposed Soda Tax (IL)
  2/28/14 IL - Expect Increased IGB Inspections
  2/14/14 IL - Temporary Visitor Driver Licenses
  2/7/14 2014 Illinois Dram Shop Limits Set
  1/31/14 IL - Online Liquor License Renewals in Illinois
  1/10/14 Illinois Concealed Carry is Here: Required Postings for some businesses
  1/3/14 IL Gaming Licensees: Keep your gaming license active - remember your Department of Justice annual filing
Fall 2013 Oct/Nov  
  8/30/13 IL Gaming Licensees: State warns "no renewal grace period"
Summer 2013 July Scrutinizing Recommendations, Can Online Reviews Make or Break You?, Spotlight On: First Party Claims, Benefits of BDI's Partnerships, Auto GAP Coverage
Spring 2013 April Don't Roll the Dice on Liquor Liability Coverage, Spotlight On: Flood Insurance, Caution with Tornadoes, Illinois: New Unique Gaming Endorsement Available, Social Media Use & Personal Liability
Winter 2013 February Make Your Camera System Work For You, 2013 Illinois Dram Shop Limits Releases, Spotlight On: Workers Compensation, Illinois Gaming Endorsements Coming, Homeowners: Pooches & Policies
Fall 2012 November Understanding Renewal Notices, Winter Fire Safety Tips, Spotlight On: Crime Insurance, IL Gaming Update, Covering Personal Articles, Mine Subsidence
Summer 2012 August Rising Homeowners & Property Prices, Preventing Foodborne Illness, Property Valuation Types, Illinois Gaming Update, Insuring Older Buildings, Claims Review: Horrors of Subrogation
Winter 2012 January Debit Card fee reductions, Controlling Work Comp Costs, Spotlight On: Aggregate Liability Limits, Personal & Auto Winter Tips, A Word of Caution with Homeowners Claims, Standard Markets vs. E&S Markets
Fall 2011 October Another Lesson in Video Surveillance, BDI Classifieds are Back, Spotlight On: Business Auto Coverage, Winterizing Your Building, Reviewing Replacement Cost, Our Newest Partner: AFLAC
Special Edition 7/29/11 Protect Yourself Against AC Unit Theft
Summer 2011 July Illinois Work Comp Reform, Mine Subsidence Changes, Understanding Utility Services Coverage, Avoiding Heat Exhaustion & Stroke, Home Prices & Insurance, Wedding Insurance
Spring 2011 May Construction Season Jeopardized, How to Identify Work Comp Fraud, Prepping for a Tornado, Liquor Training Recap, Understanding Audits
Winter 2011 February 2011 Illinois Dram Shop Limits, Safe Handling of Waste Rags, Spotlight On: Broadcasting Pay-Per-View Content, Benefits of an Automatic Payment Plan, Liquor Training Recap, Using Technology to Document Your Possessions
Fall 2010 November Revised Flood Maps to have Dramatic Impact, Safely Using Backbelts, Spotlight On: Assault & Battery Coverage, Keeping the Cost Down on Auto Insurance
Spring 2010 May Another Reason to join an Industry Association, 2010 Illinois Dram Shop Limits, Spotlight On: Mine Subsidence Insurance, Considering Liquor Liability in Missouri, Reducing Slip & Falls
Winter 2010 Dec '09 Preventing Christmas Tree fires, Indiana Server Training Law, Preventing Metal theft, 2010 Illinois Fire Suppression Mandate
Fall 2009 November Holiday Schedule reminder, Thanksgiving Cooking Fire Warning
Fall 2009 September Look Beyond Price: Invest in Risk Management, The Value of Security Cameras, What Food Industry Workers should know about Hepatitis, 2010 Illinois Fire Suppression Mandate
Summer 2009 July Illinois: Beware of Workers Comp Inspections, Important Changes to Loss Control, Indiana Cracking Down on Alcohol Retailers, St. Louis Puts Smoking Ban Discussion out for the summer
Summer 2008 July Reduce Claims Through Effective Risk Management, Spotlight On: Dependent Property Coverage
Winter 2008 January Watch what you put on the Web, Illinois 2008 Dram Shop Limits, Spotlight On: Ordinance or Law Coverage
Fall 2007 October Employee Safety: Preventing and Reducing Work Comp Claims, Health Insurance as Easy as 1-2-3, Spotlight On: Flood Insurance
Summer 2007 July Are you Underinsured?, Golf Tournaments, Bus Trips & Street Fairs - Are you covered? Spotlight On: Utility Services
Spring 2007 April Why Join a Restaurant or Tavern Association? Spotlight On: Mine Subsidence
Winter 2007 January Understanding Workers Compensation, Spotlight On: Spoilage Coverage
Fall 2006 October Protective Safeguards, Illinois Workers Comp Penalties, Spotlight On: Business Income
Summer 2006 July Our Value Added Service, Renewing Your Insurance, BDI & Illinois Bowling Proprietors Team Up
Spring 2006 April Preparing for a Liquor Control Inspection, Contacting You in an Emergency, Tenants Need Equipment Breakdown
Winter 2006 January The Unseen Threat - Food Contamination, Foodborne Illness Diagram
Fall 2005 October In the Aftermath of New Orleans: Are you prepared for a Catastrophe?, "It's That Time of the Year" Part 2 - Coverage Options for Special Events
Summer 2005 July Controlling your most valuable asset - Cash, New 24/7 Customer Service Hotline now Operational, "It's That Time of the Year" - Part 1 - Coverage options for Special Events
Spring 2005 April Why use a "preferred" vendor for loss control, Buy or Sell Equipment at, Driving Intoxicated Could Cost You - about $4435, to be exact.
Winter 2005 January What to do when you have a Property claim, Bret Dixon Realty, Insurable Interest
Fall 2004 September Why you should use Incident Reports, Life Insurance, Understanding Loss Control